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That afternoon, she shared her new intentions with her mother and Ms Dansu watched as light grew in her daughters’ eyes. Linda was healing and it could only get better from now on.

That afternoon Mike didn’t fail to show up. He brought oranges and pineapples and a box of king size pizza. He sat with mother and daughter, and as they ate and shared laughs, the doctor came in and examined in the head and chest.

She was feeling much better, taking her pills and relaxing. The doctor told them Lisa would spend Christmas in the hospital but not the New Year. By then she would be better stable to be discharged. They thanked him and he moved on to see other patents.

“So I don’t want you cooking tomorrow,” Mike told Ms. Dansu in the course of their conversation, “I’ll bring all the food and drinks. Christmas is on me,” Mike said and they laughed.

“Can’t I at least bring some of my favourite Sobolo. You’ll enjoy it,” Ms Dansu said and Mike agreed, laughing. Linda watched how the two were comfortable with each other and she smiled at her blessing.

She didn’t need to hold back her joy. Her father was the one missing out on all the fun! The thought crossed her mind and she smiled brightly. For the first time in a long while, she felt completely free— unstuck.

Later that evening when Mike was ready to take his leave, Lisa told him, “I think when I finally leave the hospital, we should have that dinner, just me and you— without my mother in our business,” she smiled and Mike couldn’t stop smiling too. Finally, he thought. And he knew it was going to be his best Christmas.

The End

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