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“People make choices Linda,” Ms Dansu said with tears in her eyes, “and he made his…, we can’t continue paying for it! We shouldn’t” she stated it with all the conviction she could muster, “what do you intend to do? Live your whole life alone? Is that it?”

“You survived it. Why can’t I?” Linda said and her mother buried her face in her palms and cried for the broken young woman her little girl had become; paying for the sins of her father and denying herself a chance to love and be loved.

She cried for all the years she had been stuck herself, in the pain, Ken left her with, which had affected her daughter. The last they heard of Ken, he died of a deadly disease after Emilia left him. Apparently, that piece of information didn’t heal any of them.

Both of them were still stuck in the pain Ken infringed on their heart some thirty years ago— and now she was thinking it was about time they both moved on—flip the page and read another chapter.

Early the next morning when she returned to the hospital, they had breakfast together and some spent time talking about all the things they would do when they left the hospital.

They touched on almost every interesting. It was Ms Dansu way of trying to broach the issue she really wanted to discuss. Their conversation the day before had suddenly given her a lot of insight into her daughters head. She didn’t want Linda to end up alone; she wanted her daughter to get married, and raise a family.

She still believed in true love and she wanted her daughter to experience it. When she went home, she couldn’t sleep. Suddenly, she started thinking of all the interesting things she had always wanted to do with herself but brushed aside with excuses.

But no more excuses— she had spent enough of her life sitting around and worrying. It was time to start living, and she had decided she was going to enrol in the adult’s education class she had always wanted to join.

Maybe if she shared some of her own hopes with her daughter, she would realize she doesn’t have to sit around and settle for cramps when life was daring her to take more.

So far Linda had done great with her life. Among her peers, she had always been the cream. She was climbing the corporate ladder with success and she was glad about that, but she also wanted her daughter to know she didn’t have to pay for the sins of her father.

So Ms Dansu started by telling her she had decided to go back to school, learn how to speak English and write. The information shocked Linda, “and I’ve never been to the Kakum National Park,” Ms Dansu continued, “It’s also one of the things I want to do now. I want to walk that high canopy and even climb mountain Afajato very soon” she said and Linda gasped, wide-eyed, jaw-dropping, “Don’t look too surprised. I’m not that old,” Ms Dansu said and they both laughed.

Linda knew what her mother was trying to do. She wanted her to start seeing her possibilities and in fact, after their conversation yesterday, she had been examining her life; how many men hadn’t she turned down; good guys who seemed to have lots of potentials but she had walked away from without a care.

Until yesterday, her mind was made up; she wasn’t going to get married, and even though she liked Mike, she was ready to let him go. But her mother was making her see the brighter picture now; life didn’t have to be lived paying for the misdeeds of others— even if those people were her parents. So she had decided to open up now; to take her chances and make the best of them. She wouldn’t like to get to the end of her life and nurse regrets.

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