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The weeks sailed on and the holidays came along with merry-making.

Right after the office party, having drank and eaten very little but managed to say hello and wished everybody well with hugs, Linda left the premises.

Mike was chatting with some of the guys when she was leaving. Her heart set on seeing her mother that evening. She hadn’t seen her in three weeks and she missed her. Thus, she was driving to Kasoa right away.

Her bags were sitting in the backseat of her car. She strapped her seatbelt when she sat and like any experienced driver, managed a good reverse before driving out of the lively premises.

Her heart was calling for her mother. She was her best friend. The woman who for years sacrificed so much for her— the one who stayed when the father she knew walked away and never looked back.

Her mother was the light of her life and every day Linda hoped that she was making her proud with her achievements. Because even though growing up was tough, her mother worked hard as a petty trader to support her and see her through school. Linda had vowed to make her the happiest and proudest mother. And she hoped she was doing that every day.

Suddenly, before she could try to save herself, a Toyota Pick-Up coming with cruel speed crushed into her car and completely swept her off the road. She tried to scream but no sound came out. She felt her chest crash into the steering wheel and tasted fresh blood soiling her gums all at once. It was the last thing she remembered.

She regained consciousness three days later with her mother sitting by her bedside in a private ward at Mark and Sons Hospital. Now she was sitting up. And even though still in some pain and her head bandaged, she was sharing a decent conversation with her mother.

She was just a twenty-nine-year-old young lady who had her heart set on seeing her mother, to spend the holidays with her. Little did she know her short trip would land her in a hospital and two days to Christmas, there was no assurance from her doctor of being discharged.

According to him, she was stable but he needed to keep her under monitoring for a few more days. She should be thankful she didn’t experience any severe cuts. She sustained a small one on her left arm and legs when she was being carried out of the car.

According to the doctor she was brought in unconscious and information on her phone led the good Samaritans to call her mother and the young man who was now practically living in the hospital with her— Mike Ansah.

He left mother and daughter about an hour ago with a promise to be back. Ms Dansu and the doctor didn’t doubt that— its been six days since Linda was admitted and he had been at her bedside. Some colleagues have also come to see her, but Mike was always present. The care and attention he showed Lisa amazed her mother.

“Mike is a great young man,” her mother said, hoping to broach the conversation she knew Lisa had been avoiding. Linda looked at her quietly for a while, knowing very well what she was trying to do.

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