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TThe time was a quarter past eight am and Kofi Darkwah was standing in front of City Financial Centre… a dark six-foot-tall man, in a black suit; shiny black shoes; blue tie fastened to a stark white shirt.

He was staring at the doors of The Breakfast Place which was opposite his place of work—a road separated the two establishments—and he was wondering why he had never been a breakfast person. Even as a child, his mother had to coax him into eating the dreaded first meal of the day…and when he went to senior high school, he did away with it completely.

Even now, when tea was served in the office, he didn’t care for it and rather waited for lunch which he ate moderately. He was a typical gentleman as his friends and some of his colleagues described him.

He did everything in moderation, probably, except working—since he joined the financial firm six years ago, he had been promoted twice. First in his second year and the second time, just four months ago; now he was the head of investment and house mortgage planning. He started as a senior sales executive. His main aim was to run the firm someday, and he was on his way.

Staring at the door of The Breakfast Place, he suddenly decided he had seen enough Coffee and Tea for one morning. It was time he went to his desk. He couldn’t come up with why he didn’t like breakfast. He would leave that for another time; he thought and started to turn to walk away.


But instantly, his eyes caught sight of the most elegant lady he had ever seen in a long while. She was making her way into the coffee shop. She was dark-skinned, wearing a long-sleeved white blouse that looked silky and hanged quite loosely on her, a grey figure-hugging skirt that reached her knees, and black strappy heels.

He found himself on the other side in a matter of seconds…before he could stop himself and entered the coffee shop—his first time there. All the round tables in the hall were almost occupied fully with men and women sipping coffee or tea and munching on some bread, pie or cake. Quite elegant, he thought as he found his way to join the line of people who would be taking their breakfast away.

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