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I’ve always wondered how it will feel like to be a celebrity; hug and take pictures with total strangers who adore you. Recently, I had such an experience in the streets of Dahongmen, in Beijing, China.

Standing in a queue with a friend, waiting to purchase train tickets, a young Chinese youth approached me and said “Hello, my mum wants a picture with you,”

I was quite surprised but later I realized it was because in that part of China they hardly saw people of dark skin.

It got more fun when a number of them gathered the courage to ask for pictures too. It was a joy to see their happiness.

This experience (35 days fun-filled and learning expedition) was made possible because of the 2016 training course on Radio Broadcasting Techniques, organized by China Radio and Television Corporation for International Techno-Economic Cooperation for professional mostly from Developing Countries across the globe.

The course was aimed at professionals and was generously sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and of the host country.

I attended this training program with a colleague from Ghana. We were in the company of other 33 participants from 14 countries which included, South Africa, Zanzibar, Palestine, Cuba, Panama, Zambia, Malawi, Grenada, Comoros Island, Central Africa Republic, Tonga, and Mauritius Island.

We all became family very quickly, trusting one another and learning from one another. When we were not in the classroom; the fun adventure continued as we explored the streets and recreational facilities China had to offer.

Climbing the Great Wall of China was one amazing experience that was exciting but tiring just like climbing to the umbrella rock in Ghana at the Boti falls—but of course, the Boti falls is nothing compared to it- Edem Agblevor

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