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After three unsuccessful attempts in the past three weeks to submit my passport forms at its designated office, I was finally able to do so on the 10/09/15, and officially, started the process of renewing my Ghanaian Passport— the second phase in itself, promising to be the beginning of new bouts of frustration.

Reminiscing over the events of my past unsuccessful attempts makes me sad. It makes me wonder how many unsuccessful attempts others have also had to endure— and I don’t even want to remember the hours I wasted waiting in queues very early in the morning, only to be turned away…

With some flimsy excuses like I didn’t make the daily intake limit of the Passport office or I had left a single detail of my form uncompleted (something I could have completed immediately and wouldn’t have had to be turned away). All these frustrations aside, the Ghanaian is left to deal with the financial cost that comes with these disappointments.

My pocket was inflicted because on some of those occasions I have had to hire a taxi— and we all know the financial prices that come with hiring taxis in this country of ours! But by Grace, I was able to go through the hustle.

My persistence, however, reminded me of a popular poem one of my primary school teachers taught me. The poem goes like this: Try again is a lesson you should heed. Try again if at first, you don’t succeed, try again. And your courage will appear— for if you persevere, you will conquer. Never fear. Try again! 

On each of those days I tried and failed to submit my forms, I learned to really appreciate God’s free gift of Salvation through the death & resurrection of Jesus Christ. And this is why; I didn’t have to queue for my salvation. I didn’t have to suffer any form of frustration when I surrendered my life to Jesus in 2002.

It was a painless decision I made—yet the most rewarding of all my choices. By this single decision, the Bible makes me understand that I was translated from darkness to light. Evidently, my life has been transformed ever since- Emmanuel Parbey

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