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It’s terribly unfortunate how at this point in time the world is grappling with the spread and dire effects of the Corona Virus— the Corvid-19 pandemic, as described by the World Health Origination.

 On our knees we continue pray and hope that our able scientists and researchers across the globe discover medications that can kill this virus. In the meantime, we continue to wash our hands frequently; avoid touching our eyes, nose and mouth; maintain respiratory hygiene; seek medical care with fevers and coughs, and practice social distancing. We shouldn’t take these safety measures for granted as infections keep rising.

Practicing social-distancing is not social-disengagement— but it certainly means we don’t have the luxury of being carefree like we usually are; we can’t hug, shake hands and be too close to people we are or want to interact with. And if we are being honest this change in lifestyle is challenging. But at this point it for our own good.

Social-distancing, in some cases, will keep you by yourself and prolonging your “alone time” more than you would like. Therefore, now is the time to figure out how to engage yourself excitingly and productively when you are alone, because even in the face of COVID-19, the days and hours still count— probably more than ever.


Engage social media more intentionally now: as stated above social-distancing is not social-disengagement, and social media can play a major role in staying in touch. Now is the time to actually use social media to check on loved ones, start edifying and important conversations and hashtags that can nourish our wellbeing in these times and also explore how to advance your businesses online.

It’s time to engage social media more strategically if you haven’t been doing that already. Maybe, COVID-19, even with all its distress is calling us to reassess our ways and live more intentionally and purposefully.

Don’t stop living. Do the things you love: even as we continue being careful with COVID-19, we should stop living and doing the things we love. We should be identifying and making long lists of our interests— things we can do alone and activities we can do in small groups because of safety precautions.


You can podcast, read a fiction or non-fiction, pray, reflect and meditate, cook for your family, play games, watch your favorite TV shows, engage in social media groups, and even dance alone in your room to your favorite tunes. Your alone and small group sessions shouldn’t be agonizing. Identify your interests and make your life fun because happiness, really, always starts with you.

Staying hygienic is a must, now more than ever: if you have never been conscious and intentional about your wellbeing, you don’t want to continue going that road. Our hygiene should be a priority now, both personal and communal sanitation. It’s one of the major ways to get rid of this virus filling our atmosphere and lungs.

Let’s all continue to wash our hands frequently, bath; avoid touching our eyes, nose and mouth; maintain respiratory hygiene; seek medical care with fevers and coughs, and practice social distancing.

Assessing our ways and doing better than we have been doing will bring the turnaround we need. Let’s clean our spaces and our being, and make room for the new beginnings all rainbows promise after a storm, because surely, this too shall pass…